Shashi Suvarna
Vice President, Network Security

Joined Citibank N.A in Dubai United Arab Emirates in 1998 as a Senior Network Engineer, Shashidhar Suvarna migrated the existing CASE multiplexers to a CISCO infrastructure in all Citibank’s branch offices through out UAE.

While in Citibank, Shashidhar was instrumental in designing a secured network connection to allow a central site and all the branch offices over UAE to communicate with the IBM main frames located in Singapore. The network allowed UAE to have a unique OSPF area, which connected all branch offices to Singapore IBM main frames via the UAE central site.

Prior to working for Citibank, Shashidhar was the Senior Executive of Product Support for Fujitsu ICIM LTD. in 1994. His duties included installation and maintenance of the Firm’s routers and switches.

As a Securities Implementation Specialist in CrossRoads Technology, Shashidhar is responsible for designing, implementing and administrating a LAN / WAN security solution tailored to the requirements of the client.


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