Lailai Peng
Vice President, Web Development

As a Web/System Coordinator for the Technology Team of the Internal Client Services Group at Credit Suisse | First Boston in 1999, Lailai Peng managed all the graphic and animation designing projects for various departments in the Internal Client Services Group of CSFB. She was the central coordinator between the internal clients and the technology team to design a customized inventory relational database that was used firm wide.

Prior to CSFB, Lailai also worked as a Website Developer for Schlumberger Cambridge Oil Field Research Center in Cambridge, UK. She worked with executive financial management group to ascertain department needs for a more effective and user-friend online financial processing system. The website restructuring for Schlumberger Cambridge Oil Field Research Center include creating custom interactive forms, counters and search engines for handling financial inquiries more efficiently.

Lailai has over 6 years of website designing experience for both large and small companies. As the head of web development division, Lailai understands that the internet and, in particular, websites are one of today’s best methods to communicate ideas, market products, and create corporate identities. Since every client is different, Lailai works with each client to develop unique websites that best suits each client’s needs.



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